Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas and the rest...

So here are a few pictures from Christmas, we had such a great holiday and we are so glad its over! Shaun surprised me on Wednesday with a new bedroom set, we looked a few months ago and he went back and bought it with out me knowing, I love it! Also Cooper has started rolling around the house he is so content just sucking on the end of the blinds, so cute!!

So three weeks after Shaun had his "snore surgery" he ended up in the emergency room twice and then the operating room and had to spend the night in the hospital, his nose would not stop bleeding, the scab that was covering the artery in his nose came off and would just not stop bleeding, it bled for the whole day pretty much, so they kept him over night, that's gonna be a pretty bill!!! Glad he's OK!

And for the most amazing news ever...


they say it takes about three days to train them, I would say more like five, he was so afraid to go number two:) in the toilet so by the fifth day he was good to go out in public!! I Love him so much and am so proud of him! For reward we are taking him to Pirate Island Pizza, and he gets anew toy! I think he feels so good about himself, he acts older and he's so happy every time he does it, I think he goes even if its just a little bit, cause he likes the reaction he gets! FUNNY to see him in his cute little underwear and his little bum!

Life is great, kids are great, Shaun is great, My voice is totally gone, but I am great too!





Tuesday, December 23, 2008


We could not believe the snow, Ryder and Shaun made a cute little snowman the next day . I love the snow I guess because we never get any so it has been really fun!

Cooper had carrots for the first time, I could not get it into his mouth fast enough, he is such an awesome baby!

I bought the boys matching outfits, they have pirate ships on them, Ryder is obsessed with pirates and treasure chests. Also Shaun had his "Snore Surgery" he is doing awesome and believe it, he does not snore, no more couch for me! The Saturday after Thanksgiving I put the tree up while the boys were asleep, and took this picture right after, sad to say the tree doesn't quit look like this any more, Ryder has replaced some of the ornaments with his toys. I was upset and my mom asked " who did you put the tree up for, you or the boys?" So I am kind of chillin' out! I just finished my Christmas shopping and wrapping, buying presents for people stresses me out so I am relieved to have this done! Shaun and I went to walmart to pick out my stocking stuffers, I had to remind him that he needed to fill my stocking(he forgot last year)! I don't know about you but I hate surprises, I don't know if its a control thing or what but this year I have not a clue what he has bought for me and it drives me bonkers!!! So many friends send out Christmas cards but I lack ambition, plus I am super duper busy with work so I will wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We love you all!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Saturday we went on our annual hay rack ride, we are supposed to sing Christmas carols, but this time we were taking care of screaming kids! FUN!! So one Sat. on my way to the gym I stopped at a yard sale and found this exer saucer and another fun toy for cooper, all in brand new condition! He loves it!!

We are constantly telling Ryder to get off of the baby, he lays on him and gets an inch away from his face, cooper likes it for like two seconds, and then gets annoyed!
Thanksgiving was so fun for me, all my family was here, cousins aunt and uncles that I never see so it was fun and then the next morning my mom and I went shopping we were up at 3 and were done about 7 and we got allot done, I am almost done with Christmas and that feels pretty good!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


8 things that Happened today
* Went to the Gym
*Went to clean the church, but it was already done!!!
*Colored my moms hair, and cut her and my dads hair.
*went to Kohl's and used the 10$ card they sent in the mail.
*came home and put the boys down for a nap, and instead of cleaning house, I too had a nap, SO NICE!
* Made Cheddar Broccoli and potato soup.
*Fed Cooper rice cereal, put PJ'S on and put him to bed.
*checked every ones Blog!
8 favorite places to eat
*Cafe Rio
*Pizza Factory
*Paula's(always makes me sick, but so yummy)
*Taco Bell
*Port of Subs
*Olive Garden
*Applebees(santa fe chicken salad)
8 favorite movies
*How to lose a guy in 10 days
*The Holiday
*can't think of any more, never have time for movies!
8 favorite TV shows
*Desperate Housewives
*Greys Anatomy
*Lipstick Jungle
*Food Network
*One Tree Hill
*the new 90210... I know totally lame!
8 things I wish for
*More patience with my kids
*I wish my house would stay clean for longer that an hour
*all the little projects around the house could be done.
*Lots of money, to take fun family vacations.
*Date night just one night a week, or even once a month!!!
*Husband would stop snoring!
*A mini van... I never thought I would say that out loud!! They just totally make sense!
8 adventures I'm looking forward to
*The family vacation we are taking in May... so far away!
*Every day is an adventure... My life is pretty plain and repetitive, same things each week, BORING I know.
I tag Stacy B. you need to update:)!!

Snugly Warm for Winter!!

So I had to post this cute picture of Cooper, it is rare he is on his tummy, Ryder was asleep so I was able to give him a little tummy time. He looks so Chill!!!:)

So once again my Father-in-law went way over and beyond this year for Christmas, I am so thrilled to have a fire place to keep this room warm, ever since we ripped our carpet out the room just isn't as warm, so now we have heat!!! Ryder sits and watches it, and compliments how awesome it is. Shaun is going to hang the TV on the wall, and I cant wait to have all the little projects around the house done! So thanks Dad McKean, you are so generous and kind!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Fun??

Ryder refused to wear the hood of his costume?

So I was super excited for Halloween this year cause Ryder was at the age that he kind of understood it... well he failed to have a nap that afternoon, so at 4:45 he fell asleep on the floor in his cute giraffe costume, so we had to wake him up to go to the trunk or treat that started at 5, needless to say a ten minute nap just didn't do it for him!!! We went to the church and had dinner , so I just left the bowl of candy on the trunk of my car and while we were eating three punk kids helped themselves to all of my candy bowl plus three other bowls, I guess they came out pretty good, considering it was a small trunk or treat, its just candy but its pretty sad when you get stuff stolen at a church event??? I loved that Shaun was able to be there with me, he works every Sunday so it was nice for people to put a face to his name! I am totally excited, Tuesday Shaun goes to the doctor for his snoring, it started out with me just leaving half way through the night and sleeping on the couch, but now I just pull the bed from the couch and sleep in the living room, yes this is a little odd but i cannot handle the extremely loud snoring, I have to say it is the worst sound ever when you are trying to fall asleep,and i still hear him through the walls!!! I hope we can solve this problem!! Cooper is starting to sleep through the night, which is great except I have milk coming out my eyeballs:) I just lay there waiting for him to wake up, just for example i pumped 12 ounces the other morning!!! Also the pregnancy weight is starting to slowly come off, thank heavens!! So there you have it, an update on the past few days!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Ryder insisted on having a picture with Cooper! SO cute
He' s fixin his jeep
he is pretty proud
this is how he fell asleep, he spent the day with G-ma and he was really exhasted
Cooper eating cereal for the first time!!!
Trying to occupy ryder so we could watch confrence!! lasted like 10 min
Once again coloring, still only for about 10 min.
I bought him some new clothes for church and he looked so good he wanted his picture taken!
I bought winter clothes for the boys , he is just the sweetest baby!